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Community Involvement

The Bedford County Players not only work to foster the Arts in Bedford County through their in-house performances; but also through the various opportunities to collaborate with other non-profits in the area. Enriching Bedford County from the inside out is an important part of what the Bedford County Players pride themselves in. Staying involved within the Community is just another way the BCP can show Thanks to our patrons and dedicated supporters.  Not only are we a proud member of the Bedford County Chamber of Commerce, but we also work with Downtown Business Inc (DBI), the Bedford County Visitor's Bureau, and the Bedford County Library to name a few.

Special Thanks goes out to the

Bedford County Community Fund
and the
Earl and Jeanne Berkey Fund
Community Foundation for the Alleghenies. 

Due to the generous grants that were awarded to the Bedford County Players, we were able to tackle two very important projects. We were able to secure new tech equipment for our most recent Technology Project and a much needed electrical upgrade was also able to be completed during our Spring Electrical Upgrade Project. Thank you for your continued support of the BCP & the Arts in Bedford County!  

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