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Any individual who is cast in a show with anyone under the age of 18 must receive both their Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance
and the
Pennsylvania State Police Criminal History Clearance.
As a volunteer for the theatre there should be no cost. If you do not obtain your clearances, you WILL NOT be able to act in a show with anyone under 18 in the cast. Both clearances can be obtained online. Please note, while uncommon, some clearances may take more than 14 days.

Clearance Processing Instructions

All clearance information must be submitted to the Bedford County Players

Act 34, Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Record Check

Apply online at

Print and submit a copy of ONE of the following for district verification:

  • Record Check Status

  • Record Check Details

  • Certification Form

  • Record Check Request Results (Free for volunteers)

Act 151, Pennsylvania Child Abuse Child Abuse History Clearance

Apply online at

  • You will need to create a Keystone ID in order to submit your clearance. 

  • This takes approximately 10 days to process. 

  • The cost is $13.00*. (Free for volunteers)

Act 114, Federal Criminal History Background Checks (FBI)

VOLUNTEERS ONLY – Volunteers may sign a Volunteer Affidavit in lieu of the FBI background check, provided they have been a resident of Pennsylvania during the entirety of the previous ten-year period. 

This is free.

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